Treatment Procedures

Specific Upper Cervical Adjustment

Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment Table 上頸矯正儀器

Atlas Orthogonal Table

In the first visit, you will be examined to determine if your problems can be effectively solved with upper cervical adjustment. If it is deemed possible, X-ray of the upper neck will be ordered. Based on the measurements derived from the X-ray films, the precise angles of correction will be formulated.

On the second visit, you will receive your first adjustment with the Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting Instrument. With proper positioning of your body and the instrument, the misalignment will be effectively reduced with a percussion. There is no twisting or forcing on your neck. You will only hear the mild sound of a pulse of mechanical vibration.

After the adjustment, you will be examined again for postural balance. The adjustment may be repeated with minor modification until normalization of the muscle tone is achieved.

In the follow-up visit, re-examination will be done to ensure optimal postural balance is maintained. With the decrease in aberrant sensory signals, the body recovers normally, the health conditions will improved according to chronicity.

Other Adjustments

Once the upper neck stabilizes, most of the secondary dysfunctions will disappeared, leaving behind the stubborn ones that need to be attended to individually.

The subsequent visits will be devoted to checking aberrant signals, and adjust the related dysfunction.

Thus, sensory interference can be removed to ensure that the body maintains its balance readily.

Though the adjustment is performed at the upper neck and even subsequently on other part of the body, its effect is widespread, directly affect the body. This enables the patient to recover naturally and return to normal life early.

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